Top 5 Safest Neighborhoods in Red Deer

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Are you struggling to find a safe Red Deer neighbourhood that won’t break the bank? Maybe you’re searching for a larger space for your family.

Or perhaps you’re looking to downsize and simplify your life? 

You’re not alone in these challenges. That’s why I wrote this guide: to give you a quick rundown of Red Deer’s safest areas. After reading this article, you’ll know where to start your search. 

For a quick overview, what are the top 5 safest neighbourhoods in Red Deer?

  • Vanier Woods: Safe with good amenities
  • Timberstone: Family-friendly and affordable
  • Anders Park East: Quiet with great value
  • Westlake: Low crime and cost-effective
  • Anders South: Best overall livability

Excited to talk more about a neighbourhood in Red Deer? Let’s start with

The Top 5 Safest Neighborhoods in Red Deer

5. Vanier Woods – Comfort and Convenience

If safety and amenities are your primary concerns, Vanier Woods should be on your radar. With a livability score of 65/100, it stands as a testament to a well-rounded neighborhood. 

The crime rates here are 40% lower than Red Deer’s average, giving you peace of mind for your family’s safety. 

While the cost of living is 3% higher than the city’s average, the trade-off comes with excellent facilities. A median household income of $146,089 suggests a comfortable community that values well-being and quality of life.

Entertainment options are plenty, with Westerner Park and Galaxy Cinemas offering fun activities. Foodies won’t be disappointed either, with spots like Domino’s and The Maki 2 Go providing quick and tasty options.

4. Timberstone – Balancing Budget and Lifestyle

Timberstone is a wonderful community for families looking to upsize, with a livability score of 67/100. The neighborhood boasts crime rates 40% lower than the city average. Plus, a median household income of $129,745. 

Yes, the cost of living might be 6% higher than the rest of Red Deer. But with that, you’re investing in a nurturing environment rich with opportunities.

Entertainment includes Discovery Canyon and Carnaval Cinemas. For dining, you can enjoy local favorites like Timber Ridge Liquor and Edo Japan.

3. Anders Park East – Where Serenity Meets Affordability

Anders Park East is a treasure for those seeking tranquillity. It offers a livability score of 68/100 and crime rates 43% lower than the city’s average. 

It enjoys a median income of $136,746 and only a 6% higher cost of living. This neighborhood promises a serene living experience that’s still connected to the heart of Red Deer.

The area is perfect for cultural enthusiasts, with the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery nearby. Plus, ample dining options like DQ Grill & Chill and Red Swan Pizza.

2. Westlake – The Cheapest Option Without Sacrifice

For those on a tighter budget, Westlake is an attractive choice. It has a livability score of 57/100 and a remarkable 48% lower crime rate than Red Deer’s average

No wonder it’s one of the best neighbourhoods in Red Deer for Families!

Despite a cost of living 4% higher than average, the area boasts a median household income of $153,387. This suggests that residents find value in this friendly community.

Attractions include the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, with various eateries like KFC and Taco Time to cater to your cravings.

1. Anders South – The Pinnacle of Suburban Living

Anders South is one of the safest neighborhoods in Red Deer. It tops the charts with its extremely low crime rates – 60% lower than the rest of the city.  Also, its livability score is 68/100. 

The area’s cost of living is 7% higher. However, with a median household income of $168,090, residents consider it a worthwhile investment for a higher standard of living.

Offering plenty of entertainment and dining options, such as Westerner Park and Jugo Juice. Anders South is perfect for those looking for an upscale suburban experience!

Red Deer Crime Crime Map

The neighborhoods’ safety is a key factor for potential buyers in the real estate market. 

You’d want to check out the Red Deer Crime Map because it offers important information. It can help those in the market for a new home, like yourself, assess the area’s safety. 

Community associations play a pivotal role in this respect. They encourage connections among neighbors. This leads to a vigilant community that naturally discourages crime.

Recognizing the need for a collaborative safety strategy, the Red Deer City Council and the police came together in 2014. They formed the Community Safety Ad Hoc Committee to create a unified approach to community safety. 

The strategy that emerged highlights the power of collaboration. It brings together residents, police, and community associations. The plan sets out a strategic course of action. This equips stakeholders with the necessary tools to ensure a secure setting for the entire community.

Moving Into One of the Neighbourhoods in Red Deer?

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