5 Best Neighbourhoods in Red Deer for Families


Are you wrestling with the fear of making a regrettable decision when choosing a place for your family to call home? The thought of committing to a neighbourhood that doesn’t cater to your family’s needs is incredibly scary.

A wrong decision will affect your kids’ upbringing, education, social life, and overall family well-being. The stakes are high, and the pressure is on.

Rest easy because this article is designed to pave the path to clarity in your quest for the perfect family setting in Red Deer

The 5 Best Neighbourhoods in Red Deer for Families are:

  • Westlake
  • Laredo
  • Southbrook
  • Vanier Woods
  • Lancaster Green

Let’s explore these neighbourhoods, starting at the Top 5! 

5. Westlake

Imagine living where homes are filled with children’s laughter and the streets are bustling with families like yours.

You’ll find that in Westlake, a neighbourhood that truly understands family living. Here, it’s not just about having a house; it’s about being part of a community where you and your kids will feel right at home.

Westlake stands out because it’s teeming with families. Think about it: 53% of households here have children. That’s much more than in other parts of Red Deer and even beats the average in Alberta.

Your kids will likely find friends just next door or down the street. And for you, it’s a chance to:

  • Connect with other parents
  • Share experiences
  • And maybe even get some well-deserved time off while the kids play together.

But what makes Westlake even more appealing is its affordability. Living here won’t break the bank thanks to its “A” cost of living rating.

You’ll find that your money goes further, whether for groceries, a visit to the coffee shop, or an evening out at the Westlake Grill. And when it comes to homes, you’re spoiled for choice.

There’s something for everyone, from cozy detached homes to luxury single-household homes. For those who love the outdoors, Westlake doesn’t disappoint.

You’re never too far from neighbourhood parks or green spaces. This makes enjoying a sunny afternoon picnic or a leisurely walk along Piper Creek easy.

And if you’re into hiking, the numerous trails will keep you and your family active and connected with nature.

4. Laredo

Have you ever dreamed of living where everyone knows your name, and you feel a real connection with your neighbours? That’s what life in Laredo is all about.

This neighbourhood is a vibrant community where people truly enjoy living. And don’t just take my word for it; the residents have given Laredo an impressive “A+” rating.

It speaks volumes about the quality of life here, where the sense of community is as strong as the coffee at your favourite local shop. In Laredo, you’ll find that the community spirit is alive and well.

This makes it ideal for families who want to grow together in a supportive environment. You’ll feel welcomed and valued here, whether it’s through:

  • Neighbourhood gatherings
  • School events
  • Or a casual chat in the grocery store aisle.

And for families, this kind of atmosphere is priceless. Its diverse population further enhances the appeal, adding a rich cultural tapestry to everyday life.

3. Southbrook

Southbrook offers a quality of life that’s truly commendable. With a livability score of 63, it’s clear that Southbrook is more than just a place to live; it’s a place to thrive.

The affordability of Southbrook is a breath of fresh air for those mindful of their budget. Here, the cost of living doesn’t soar through the roof.

Instead, it welcomes you with open arms, offering more for less. Whether you’re eyeing a cozy townhome or a spacious detached house, you’ll find that the prices for homes here make sense for all families.

But what truly sets Southbrook apart is its undeniable family vibe. Over half the households here are bustling with children’s energy, creating a vibrant tapestry of family life.

This strong family presence speaks volumes about the area’s focus on creating a healthy environment for the residents. It portrays community living, from good neighbourhood schools to well-established communities.

And let’s not forget about the job opportunities! With an “A+” employment rating, Southbrook isn’t just a place to come home to. It’s where careers flourish, ensuring you can provide for your family while building a fulfilling life.

Here, you’re investing in a lifestyle. One filled with trips to nearby shopping centers and exploring the local district with shops and restaurants.

Southbrook is more than a residential neighbourhood. It’s a slice of the good life waiting for you to take your place within its quiet, well-established communities.

2. Vanier Woods

Vanier Woods is a standout neighbourhood that truly understands what families need. It’s not just the “65” livability score that makes it shine.

What makes it a top choice for those looking to plant roots in a vibrant city is the combination of:

  • A low cost of living
  • Strong community bonds
  • And a wealth of amenities

With an “A” rating for cost of living, your family can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without stretching your budget too thin. This affordability extends to the housing market, where a wide range of options awaits.

But what’s a great neighbourhood without great people? Vanier Woods boasts a high percentage of families, with 56% of households bustling with children’s energy.

The cherry on top is Vanier Woods’ “A+” employment rating, ensuring parents can access abundant job opportunities. This, combined with the excellent health & safety rating, means you can rest easy knowing your family is set up for success in a safe environment.

1. Lancaster Green: The Pinnacle of Family Living

Lancaster Green is the crown jewel of family living in a booming city. With a livability score of 72, it tops the charts, setting a new standard for living well.

Every square foot of living space here is part of a master-planned community designed with your happiness in mind. It’s where life’s best moments happen, from the small daily joys to the big milestones.

Education is at the heart of Lancaster Green. It boasts top-rated neighbourhood schools that promise a bright future for your kids. This is where learning goes beyond the classroom, supported by a community that values education as much as you do.

The commitment to education is reflected in the very fabric of the neighbourhood. In fact, it is Red Deer’s go-to neighbourhood for homebuyers who prioritize their children’s education.

Safety and health are paramount in Lancaster Green, evidenced by its “A+” health & safety rating. This peace of mind comes from knowing you live in a low-crime environment with great access to healthcare services.

It’s the kind of security that lets you and your family live life to the fullest daily. The strong family presence, with 54% of households bustling with children, means your family will fit right in.

It’s a community where barbecues, playdates, and walks in the park are part of the everyday lifestyle. This sense of community is a cornerstone of Lancaster Green, making it a vibrant and nurturing place for families to grow.

Residents rave about their life here, as the “A+” user rating attests. It’s a testament to the satisfaction and joy found in Lancaster Green!

It is a place where every amenity, from pet stores to major shopping centers, is at your fingertips. The district has shops, restaurants, and additional commercial spaces, making it a lively hub for city dwellers.

Your Next Chapter Begins Here

Choosing the right neighbourhood is like picking the setting for your family’s next great adventure. It’s where birthdays will be celebrated, first steps will be taken, and every day holds the promise of something new and exciting.

Now, it’s time to turn those dreams into reality, and that’s where we come in. Andrew Russell & Associates are your partners in this journey.

We’re here to guide you to your dream home! So, let’s get started, shall we? Reach out to us at Andrew Russell & Associates!

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