The Selling Process

Selling your home is no small feat, whether it’s your first time or not. Remember, you’re not alone.

With our expertise and knowledge of the Red Deer market, we’ll ensure your property stands out.

We’re with you at every step to keep you informed.


Talk to a REALTOR

Our commitment to you is unwavering support. We’re ready to address any queries and handle all the necessary documentation.

Count on us to appraise your home’s worth, market it with expertise, and skillfully manage negotiations.

Consult a Lawyer

Always seek legal counsel before signing any agreements, no matter who the other party is. They are equipped to enlighten you on the legal aspects.

Looking for a sharp legal advisor? We can connect you with the best lawyers in the city.

Listing Price

Discover the true value of your home with our expert analysis. We compare it to similar properties and emphasize its unique features to ensure accuracy.

Complete our simple form and receive an accurate market valuation swiftly.

Fix Your House

As homes age, maintenance and updates become necessary. 

In search of a specialist for repairs? We have the right connections and are here to assist. Feel free to reach out!

Personalized Marketing Plan

You get a free home staging and a pro photography session from us. This makes sure your home looks its best.

We take eye-catching photos that grab buyers’ attention. Our team has an online platform that advertises your home all the time.

We also spread the word using social media, emails, connections with other agents, and online ads.

Offers and Negotiations

Price negotiations can be intense, but that’s where we come in. We navigate the negotiation for you, striving for an effortless transaction.

Rely on our experience. We’ve completed deals that ensure our clients are happy and fulfilled.

Real Property Report

After securing a favourable deal, you’ll need to provide a Real Property Report (RPR) for house sales. Or a condominium report for condo transactions.

Not to worry. We’ll assist you in gathering and organizing these critical documents.


Transfer of Ownership

Is everything in order? The next phase involves a lawyer to wrap up the sale. Anticipate plenty of paperwork coming your way from the lawyer and from us. But keep in mind—we’re here to guide you through it.

Critical documents you’ll need to address include the land title transfer, closing costs breakdown, mortgage resolution, and property title arrangements.

Possession day

Is the documentation complete and the buyer content with the property? Once they receive the keys, you can mark off the necessary legal requirements.


While selling your home may seem daunting, we’ve got it under control at Andrew Russell and Associates. We’re committed to securing the best price for you, and we’ll do it promptly.

We will guide you through each phase, from showcasing your home to completing the sale.

Get a Free Home Evaluation

Considering putting your house on the market? A professional valuation will reveal your home’s true market value and assist in strategizing your sale.

Get in touch with us to arrange your evaluation.